London's Museums by Theme

Do you want to pick one of London's 'best' museums? Find museums that are especially good for kids? Or you do have a particular interest in transport, archaeology, medical or military matters...?

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Click on the links below for lists of London's museums and collections grouped according to theme/subject matter.

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London's Museums by Theme

Best London Museums - The Top 10

London's 'must see' museums, based on visitor numbers and international importance of the collections. All top class museums, and all offer free entry!

London's Best Museums for Kids

The top 10 museums for children in London, featuring engaging displays, interactive exhibits, trails and quizzes, plus child & family-friendly workshops, events and drop-in sessions.

Our very favourite museums - a personal selection

The editors' picks. While we don't expect you to share our tastes or interests, our favourites may give you some ideas if you are:
   A:   a museum lover
   B:   not very interested in museums
   C:   a child (and in particular a boy!)

London's Museums of Crime, Policing & Punishment

The site of a 12th century prison, Sherlock Holme's house and several police collections... just some of the museums that explore the darker side of London life.

London's Museum-Homes of Famous Figures

The London homes of famous figures, including Dickens, William Morris and Freud, preserved to celebrate their lives and works, plus homes with remarkable interiors created in a particular style or period.

London's Museums of Dance, Film, Theatre & Entertainment

From film props to ballet memorabilia, vintage radios to Elizabethan theatrical special effects, plus unusual magic and clowning-related collections.

London's Museums of Literature & the Written Word

Literary treasures at the British Library, Shakespeare's Globe, and museums to Dickens and Keats, plus Marxism, women's history, Japan's most famous novelist and more!

London's Museums of Music & Musical Instruments

Museums reflecting a huge range of musical styles, from rock and pop to Handel's Baroque masterpieces, and from ancient Egyptian percussion to automatic instruments and Eric Clapton's guitar.

London's Natural History & Horticulture Museums

The Natural History Museum is world famous, but London also has a number of other fascinating and very diverse plant and animal-related museums.

London's Sport & Sporting History Museums

From the world's oldest sporting museum, to exhibits at the iconic Wembley Stadium, London has collections of interest to fans of cricket, rugby, football and tennis, and motor racing too.